Sean Hannity boasts about his karate skills while warning Never Trump movement: ‘I punch back’

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Fox News host Sean Hannity boasted on Tuesday afternoon about his martial arts skills while warning the Never Trump movement against criticising him.

“They have all taken shots at me first,” Hannity said on his radio show of conservative media members like radio host Glenn Beck, National Review Editor Rich Lowry, and columnist Jonah Goldberg.

He continued: “I’m a counter-puncher. I punch back. Now working toward my black belt … finally got my brown belt. If you hit me, come at me, I’m really going to hurt you.”

Hannity quickly added that he wasn’t threatening physical harm against individuals who have spoken out against him.

The host has been engaged in a back and forth with members of the Never Trump conservative movement for the last few weeks after facing staunch criticism for his fervent support of the Republican presidential nominee.

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