Facebook Co-Founder's Husband Mocked As A 'Self-Entitled And Self-Unaware Amateur' After Firing Campaign Manager

Sean Eldridge, husband of Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, is being mocked by Republicans after firing his longtime campaign manager Michael Reid.

Eldridge is running for Republican incumbent Rep. Chris Gibson’s seat in New York’s 19th congressional district.

Business Insider confirmed reports of Reid’s dismissal in an email exchange with Eldridge’s communications manager, Sophie Friedman, Wednesday.

Friedman said the campaign “decided to bring in new leadership for the final few months of the campaign” and noted they “wish Mike well and are appreciative of all of his hard work and efforts.” When asked who would be appointed to replace Reid, Friedman said the campaign “had no additional comment beyond the statement.”

Republicans quickly pounced on the news. The New York State GOP sent out a statement Wednesday that characterised the firing as one of many slipups Eldridge has made on the campaign trail. The statement, which included a quote from National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Ian Prior, referenced an unflattering story published in Politico in April that accused Eldridge of avoiding reporters, Eldridge’s rather public search for a communications director, and allegations he took an illegal campaign contribution.

“Like the self-entitled and self-unaware amateur that he is, Sean Eldridge apparently chose to take out his own shortcomings as a candidate on his staff,” Prior said. “If Eldridge can’t competently manage a Congressional campaign funded by $US1 million of his own money, it seems a lot to expect that he could competently serve as a Congressman for Hudson Valley families.”

On Thursday, the New York Republican Party followed that up with a press release including five mock suggestions for potential replacements to run Eldridge’s campaign. The list included Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff since, in the GOP’s words, Eldridge’s “whole campaign is a giant sham” and Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the pilot famous for landing a US Airways jet that lost engine power in 2009.

“Who better to call when your campaign is sputtering toward oblivion with no sign of hope?” the GOP asked.

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