Irish Emigre Who's Moving To Greenwich Demolishes Property And Enrages Residents

bush avenue

Greenwich local officials are up in arms over a house in Belle Haven, Greenwich (PTJ’s nabe) that has been substantially demolished, instead of just renovated, as its owner had planned to do, the Irish Times reports.

The owner, Irish property titan Sean Dunne, purchased the a house for $2 million in April.

One of a number of Irish executives to leave the country recently, Dunne got permission to “carry out internal restoration of the home,” which is a “classic Victorian with turn-of-the-century details” dating from 1896.

(Sidenote: Irish developers and speculators are fleeing the country in the wake of what is now a fully-fledged bust. In addition to Dunne, the former Anglo Irish CEO David Drumm has moved to Boston and financier Derek Quinlan decamped to Switzerland.)

He was also allowed to add a new garage, family room and kitchen.

But once Belle Haven residents realised that “most of the structure had been levelled,”┬álocal officials got involved. He’s since been ordered to stop construction.

But considering the ilk of property in Belle Haven, locals seem to be going a little overboard.

Most homes in Belle Haven cost far more than $2 million, so obviously this house was in wretched condition. But instead of being thrilled that Dunne is going to significantly increase the value of what was clearly a blemished property, and therefore of those around it, the Greenwich neighbourhood is upset that he’s overstepped the bounds of his permit.

Dunne’s new neighbour, former IBM exec Dick Case, agrees. Whether the house is almost completely rebuilt or just renovated, its value is still going to go up because of the changes, he said.

For the full story go to the Irish Times >

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