SeamlessWeb Cofounder And CEO Jason Finger Quits

Jason Finger

SeamlessWeb cofounder and CEO Jason Finger has left the company, he tells us, as he hopes to “explore other challenges.”

SeamlessWeb lets you order from restaurants online and has historically been popular with New York’s financial industry and other white collar sectors.

It obviously got hit hard during the recession, as big corporate clients dissolved, but the company grew sales 12.5% in 2009, led by its consumer business.

Jason started the company in 1999 in New York and sold it to Aramark in 2006. The company has appointed Jonathan Zabusky as president of SeamlessWeb, reporting to the head of Aramark’s food division.

Finger hasn’t decided what he’s going to do next, but for now, he’s taking a vacation for a few weeks.

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