Seahawks Receiver Knocked Out Of Playoff Game After Two Devastating Shots To His Head

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin was knocked out of the divisional playoff game against the New Orleans Saints after being dazed by two different hits (see GIFs below).

Harvin, who is playing in just his second game this season following hip surgery, was first left woozy after an illegal helmet-to-helmet hit. Harvin was taken to the locker room for a concussion test and returned just 10 minutes later and was ready to play again.

Later in the first half, Harvin leaped for a pass in the endzone and had his head slammed to the turf by a defender. Once again, Harvin was dazed and had to be helped off the field. However, this time it was determined that he would not return in the second half.

As the games become more important, teams and players are going to work harder to beat the NFL’s concussion rules. The NFL may fine the Seahawks for allowing Harvy to return after the first hit. But if they win the game, they may not care. Here are both hits.

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