There's A New Video Of The Seahawks-Packers Play That Has Some People Thinking It Was The Right Call

The local Fox affiliate in Seattle had an on-field camera rolling when the infamous Golden Tate TD catch went down on Monday night. They released the video, and it has some people changing their minds about the call.

We don’t buy it, here’s why:

The video only goes into slow motion once the players are rolling around on the ground, and seems to show that Packers cornerback MD Jennings is actually the one ripping the ball away from Tate. But that’s totally beside the point.

It was an interception because Jennings controlled the ball in the air and landed on his back to make it a legal catch. It cannot be a simultaneous catch if one player controls the ball first and then the other player goes in to grab it. Therefore, the rolling around on the ground part of the play doesn’t matter because Jennings already had control of the ball when Tate finally got both hands on it.

This video only covers the rolling around on the ground part. It’s a horrible angle because you can’t see the catch and it only focuses on the inconsequential wrestling match after the catch.

But still, it shows you just how ridiculously hard it was to tell what was going on at full speed:

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