This Plan For A 'Sea Tree' Park Could Allow Wildlife To Thrive In Cities

Sea Tree

Photo: Waterstudio

Dutch architectural firm Waterstudio has come up with a seriously cool looking structure that will apparently allow wildlife to thrive in urban areas.The Sea Tree is essentially a giant floating park, which can be located in a river close to the bank. It’s multiple layers allow various types of wildlife to find suitable habitats, with a large proportion of the structure housed underwater.

According to the Daily Mail, major cities like London or New York could see the introduction of Sea Trees within the next two years. An undisclosed lucrative client is apparently already taking a keen interest.

The structure is not designed for humans.

Instead, it contains multiple levels for animals and plantlife.

Stretching down into the ocean.

The offshore technology is similar to those used by oil firms.

The plan would be for oil companies to donate the parks to cities, using their own intellectual property and technology.

The sea trees dont just help the immediate area, but would support wildelife for miles around.

If completed, the Sea Tree would be the first floating object created for wildlife.

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