Foursquare Rival SCVNGR Scores An Even Bigger Deal With American Express


[credit provider=”Business Insider”]

SCVNGR, a location-based social app that competes with Foursquare, just landed an impressive partnership with American Express, Mashable reports.Just this March, Foursquare landed a big partnership with Amex.

The SCVNGR partnership is one of the first paperless daily deal services. SCVNGR has a Groupon-like daily deal service called LevelUp, and with this partnership you won’t need a paper voucher: just swipe your card and everything’s taken care of. Very cool.

Foursquare’s partnership let you get $5 cashback from Amex each time you checked in some place, which is also pretty cool.

SCVNGR’s LevelUp service is pretty interesting: it rewards you not only for buying a deal, but for visiting the same merchant several times, by giving you a better deal each time. This solves a big problem merchants have with daily deals, which is that they need repeat business for the deal to make money.

Now this partnership adds another compelling layer to LevelUp.

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