A Hidden Panic Button Can Protect Employees Who Work Late At Night

Gas station at night
The cashier at this gas station isn’t as alone as you think. Shutterstock

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It’s a different world for people who work nights, when everyone else is home, asleep, or out socializing. Most businesses are locked up and shuttered, which means night workers and employees working late are vulnerable in ways we normally don’t have to think about.

But what many people don’t know is that these late-workers might have a hidden panic button.

Video assist technology from companies like Tyco Integrated Security lets employees press a button feeding directly to a professional who’s always on call. The security operator can communicate on any issue via two-way audio, and can also let an intruder know they’re being watched and recorded. If necessary, they can call law enforcement. Tyco’s video record-keeping can also be effective when it comes to criminal prosecution.

As this video explains, managed security services can keep employees safe in a wide variety of ways. Some features for Tyco’s video assist include:

  • Two-way video and audio contact available at all times.
  • A simple installation process that takes advantage of the existing surveillance system.
  • Effective video record-keeping that can aid in the prosecution of offenders.
  • A visual deterrent to potential burglars and vandals.

Working nights isn’t for everyone. But for employees stuck in the office, or those whose workday doesn’t start until the sun goes down, it helps to know that there’s someone out there keeping an eye on things — even when the rest of the world is asleep.

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