SCUTTLEBUTT: Arianna Huffington Wants To Buy HuffPo Back From AOL

Arianna Huffington and Tim Armstrong

Photo: rexblog

There are two pieces of gossip going around about Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post, and AOL.One is that Huffington has approached AOL CEO Tim Armstrong and said that she would like to buy back the Huffington Post.

In this story, Armstrong told Arianna: “Sure, but it’ll cost you $1 billion.”

The other story we’ve heard: Huffington may or may not want a spin-out, but she has been approached by several private equity firms who would like to help her raise money for one.

Again, this is just gossip from industry sources.

An AOL PR rep declined to comment on rumours.

The good news?

We’re going to have Huffington on stage with Henry Blodget at our Startup 2012 conference tomorrow at 10 A.M. 

You can bet we’ll get a response on the record.

UPDATE: We have an answer.

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