The Bully From ‘A Christmas Story’ Says He’s Been Tricked Out Of A Lot Of Cash

A Christmas Story
A still from the movie A Christmas Story featuring Zach Ward.

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A Christmas Story’s legendary bully is headed to court, saying a company that licensed the rights to make toys based on the film has been cheating him for years.Zack Ward, the actor who played Scut Farkus at age 12, says producers ended up making the role of Farkus bigger than it was originally intended to be but failed to upgrade his contract to include more rights to any publicity materials associated with the movie, The Hollywood Reporter reported Wednesday.

Ward, now 42, says he’s shocked over the fact his likeness has been used in everything from an action figure to a calendar and is suing National Entertainment Collectables Association, alleging the company tricked him into signing away rights for the action figure.

A judge denied in October Ward’s attempt to get money on claims he suffered from emotional distress stemming from the violation, meaning the case could be headed to trial in the new year, according to THR.

He also sued Warner Bros. but dropped that case in January, THR reported at the time.

And while NECA is saying both sides have reached a tentative settlement, Ward’s legal camp is insisting there are “major issues” that still need to be worked out.

People have to be accountable,” Ward told THR. “You can’t just bully people all the time and get away with it.”

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