A Dallas-based sculptor makes strange yet beautiful drippy sculptures

Dan Lam’s art will make you do a double take. The Dallas-based artist makes “drippy” sculptures — strange, seemingly oozing blobs covered in vivid spikes that look somehow both alive and impossibly perfect renderings.

But beneath the immaculate facade, the evidence of Lam’s process is there. The 27-year-old starts by forming a lumpy round base out of leftover, hardened polyurethane foam and extra latex gloves. Then, she pours gloopy foam over the base, carefully guiding its flow as it drips over the base and hardens. Then she paints it, makes colourful spikes with acrylic paint, and tops it off by dousing it with a layer of resin.

When she’s done, it’s hard to tell exactly what you’re looking at — unless you flip the sculptures over and look at the back. Then you can see the handmade base. “They’re hints and clues as to what they are,” Lam told INSIDER. “Evidence that I was here.”

Lam says the response to her work has been crazy, and she’s gained tons of fans. Still, some are unsettled by the beautifully strange globs. “I get a lot of ‘ewws,'” she said. “Or, ‘this is disgusting and makes me feel physically ill.'”

Written by James Grebey and produced by David Fang

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