Scuba Diving Couple In Thailand Experiences The Ultimate Nightmare As Boat Deserts Them In Middle Of The Water

A Texas couple celebrating their first anniversary in Thailand found themselves abandoned in the ocean while scuba diving,
Jared Dillingham of KHOU reports.
Lexa and Jake Mendenhall, on their first trip as certified scuba divers, made two one-hour dives before noticing that their boat was gone. They had been stranded with two dive instructors from the Thai diving company and another couple of novice divers.

“I kept thinking, ‘What if there’s no boat? It’s evening. What boat goes out in the evening?” Lexa Mendenhall told KHOU.

Apparently the boat captain had engine trouble and chose to go back to shore without them.

After 30 to 45 minutes bobbing on 5-foot waves in shark-infested waters, a boat full of snorkelers noticed them and they climbed in.

“The fact that he left is just insane to me,” Jake Mendenhall told KHOU.

Here’s the full report:

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