SCREENSHOTS: Take A Look At Instagram's Big New Update

instagram photo map

Instagram is providing its 80 million registered users with a big update.

The photo sharing app is increasing its focus on location, with a new feature called Photo Maps. 

The new maps will take location data from all your Instagram photos and chart them on an interactive Google Map. (With your permission, of course.)

If you don’t want every single photo you take to show up on your Photo Map, you can choose what to include and what to leave out. Geolocation data will be removed from the ones you deselect.

You can download the new version of Instagram for iPhone and Android. (The new Android version still hasn’t updated, so be patient.)

When you first fire up Instagram after the update, you're greeted by information about the Photo Map. Tapping Ok makes this go away. If you want to opt out choose 'Cancel' in the top left corner.

By default Instagram wants to display all your photos on the Photo Map. We didn't mind this, so after a review of the locations we tapped 'Done'.

Instagram will then prepare your Photo Map.

You'll get a notice when its ready. It worked pretty fast for us.

Here is your Photo Map. You can zoom in to see exactly where you took photos.

The Photo Map showed us photos we had forgotten we'd taken.

Even after you build your Photo Map you can remove photos at any time.

The Explore tab was also refreshed in this update. It now makes popular photos easy to spot.

The Profile has a new look as well and you can easily access the Photo Map from there.

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