Screenshots Of The Redesign (DIS)

Yesterday, we reported will update its homepage on January 5. Now we have screenshots:


In yesterday’s post, we cited ComScore numbers that show unique visitors to are flat y/y. An rep took issue with the post and responded:

  • The real story is different than the comScore numbers you cited.
  • Nieslen Net Ratings for  November: is up 33% in total minutes, +12% in unique users and avg. visits, +32% in category share, +32% in page views. (all year-over-year vs. Nov. 2007).
  • Look beyond a single month:’s per month averages, throughout the year — in both comScore and Nielsen — tell a clear story of its continued growth:         ** Nielsen Netratings (Jan – Nov monthly averages — vs. same period 2007):  Total Minutes +29% to over 1.1 billion; unique users +16% to 19.9 million.         ** comScore (Jan – Nov monthly averages — vs. same period 2007):  Total minutes +46% to 1.1 billion; unique users +13% to 21 million.
  • Quantcast:  Quantcast does some interesting work, and we have nothing against them. But does not currently work with Quantcast — the site is not “Quantified,” as they say.  Given that, their data about is not accurate (which, I believe, even they would acknowledge).
  • Finally, looking at just reach alone (unique users) is a very blunt way to measure success or leadership.  Reach, Time spent, category share, mobile traffic, video streams served, engagement with podcasts, etc. are all part of the bigger picture.


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