Screenshots Of Facebook's New Real-Time Homepage

Facebook will launch a new homepage starting next Wednesday. Its centrepiece is the new “stream,” which is a real-time updating version of the current feature called the “News Feed.”

Before announcing the changes, Mark Zuckerberg talked about how much he admires microblogging service Twitter.

Facebook also said it would make public pages more like user-profiles.

What’s it all mean for Facebook’s prospects as a business? CEO Mark Zuckerberg only gave this hint:

“Once you have a connection with someone through stream, over the life time of that connection there are clearly going to be many impressions delivered, many clicks. Eventually having a connection with someone could be considered a metric itself.”

Here are some slides from Facebook’s presentation to announce the change:


Starting today, Facebook pages and profiles will become the same thing. They’re calling this “the Arrington feature,” because the TechCrunch blogger has complained that he can’t have more than 5,000 friends. Now he can. Here’s the slide for that:


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