'Scream Queens' star Emma Roberts says none of the actors know who the killer is -- all they know is there will only be 4 survivors

Scream queens emma roberts in bedPatti Perret/FOXEmma Roberts plays the president of a sorority being hunted down by a serial killer on ‘Scream Queens.’

Ryan Murphy and company run a tight ship on the set of “Scream Queens.” That includes not letting their cast know who the serial killer is.

“None of us know how the show ends,” Emma Roberts told Teen Vogue.

Roberts plays Chanel, the president of a sorority that has been targeted by a serial killer dressed as the school’s mascot, a red devil.

Scream queen red devilPatti Perret/FOXThe ‘Scream Queens’ cast has no clue who the killer, Red Devi, is.

“We don’t know who the killer is; we don’t even know who’s going to live and who’s going to die. Apparently only four people will go on to Season 2,” she explained.

“It’s fun. I think everyone secretly thinks they’re the killer, so they are kind of playing it like that,” the 24-year-old added.

Despite the show’s low live ratings, Fox has been focusing on the show’s promising seven-day delayed numbers. It has increased by 80% in delayed viewership.

Co-creator Ryan Murphy told THR that he was already planning the second season in a recent cover interview. In that interview, Ryan revealed to the public that only four people would move on to the next season. They will play the same characters, but in a new venue. The second season will focus on a crew of people from different age groups.

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