Scrabble has added 6500 new words and tweeps who don't like them can shut their cakeholes or go waah

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Good news for Scrabble players left stuck with Z and X at the end of the game – “thanx” and “lolz” are now allowable words, with the 2015 Collins Scrabble words dictionary adding 6500 new words from the internet and texting era to its vocabulary.

In a move that’s bound to generate heated arguments and turn pedants incandescent with rage, even nouns that have been turned into verbs are allowed, so “podiumed” is now allowable. Ok, tweeps?

Shakespeare is out, slang is in, alongside abbreviations that will have older players reaching for the dictionary to find out just what they mean anyway. “Devo” is fine, as long as you are argue it’s short for devastated and not the 80s band. Obvs, ridic, wuz, lotsa and vape also make the cut, as well as exclamations such as augh, blech, eew, grr, waah and yeesh.

On the upside, land “bezzy” (best friend) on a triple worth score and that’s 54 points thanks very much.

Cakeage, that charge for a BYO cake at a restaurant is in, along with onsie, geocache, twerking, schizzle, hacktivist, facetime and tuneage.

If you’re looking for high scores, keep quinzhee (29), an Inuit snow shelter, checkbox (28) and schvitz (24), to sweat, handy.

The head of language content at Collins, Helen Newstead, said the Internet age has revolutionised language as well as society and social media has made it easier to track new words.

“We still consider electronic citations carefully before adding new words, but we’re certainly in a new and exciting era for recording a wider variety of English usage than ever before.”

Scrabble consultant and former British Scrabble champion Allan Simmons believes hardcore Scrabble fans will be checking out all the new 3-letter words to get them out of a bind and embracing all genres of words for young and old alike is a good thing.

“The wonderful thing about Scrabble is that it can be played and enjoyed across all ages, both socially and seriously. Players are excited when new words become available,” he said.

The new Collins Official Scrabble Words is out June 1 for $39.99.

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