Scrabble Free Unites iPhone And Android Users

Earlier today, Electronic Arts (EA Mobile, to be exact) released Scrabble Freeon Android, the company’s first free game for the platform.

Aside from being able to enjoy up to 50 games at once, a perk that seems unnecessary yet delightful, the second feature that caught our collective attention was cross platform play.

No, not between Android devices, though that’s certainly possible. Instead, Android with iPhone, iPad and Facebook.

This is a prime example of why we enjoy mobile gaming. In the smart phone world, this is the equivalent of Xbox 360 owners communicating with PS3 users, except that will never happen on consoles, largely because Sony and Microsoft are too busy hating each other.

The mobile industry, by comparison, is much more open to the option of cross platform gaming between different devices, even in the face of stiff competition between hardware manufacturers.

Bottom line, this is a refreshing change of pace and something we hope continues beyond Scrabble. This could lead to first person shooters or, more importantly, massively-multiplayer online games.

Someone needs to get on that ASAP.

Download Scrabble Free on Android

Download Scrabble Free for iPhone

Dogs and cats, living together…mass hysteria.

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