Scottish Spirits Is Now Offering 8 Shots Of Scotch Whiskey In A $5 Can

Scotch Whiskey in a can
Scotch… in a can!

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What was once revered as a fine gentleman’s beverage, perfect for sipping from a highball glass while discussing foreign policy, could now be a staple at college football tailgates.The Huffington Post reported that a Florida whiskey maker, Scottish Spirits, will sell Scotch whiskey in a green and gold can.

The box did it for wine, and now the can is doing for Scotch — -putting a once-pedigreed adult beverage into a portable, affordable container. Huffington Post wrote:

Each can of Scottish Spirits will contain 12 ounces — about eight shots — of 80-proof “single grain scotch whiskey,” distilled and matured for three years in oak casks in Scotland, according to Rubenfeld. The company hopes to have its cans on shelves in major American markets by Feb. 1, retailing for $5 apiece.

Ken Rubenfeld, vice president of operations for Scottish Spirits, said that the new can format will be more convenient for Scotch drinkers than toting around a big, glass bottle.

“A lot of people like to have beverages by their pool, on their boat, in a campground, at sporting events or tailgate parties,” he told HuffPo. “It’s easier to bring a six pack of a beverage verses bringing a bottle of scotch.”

Critics say that the purpose of Scotch is to sip slowly and savour, and that the cans will encourage chugging because the cans cannot be resealed.

Rubenfeld said that the cans should be shared among friends.

Each can will have approximately eight shots of Scotch in them, at 80 proof each.

“A 160-pound man who decided to drink an entire can in one hour would find himself extremely intoxicated with an approximate .18 to .22 blood alcohol level, enough to cause motor impairment, loss of memory and blackout,” the New York Daily News calculated.

This post originally appeared at The Daily Caller