Use This Guide To Watch The Scottish Referendum Count Like A Champ

Thursday night is Scottish referendum night, and we’ll be covering it wall to wall with both our London- and New York-based teams.

If you want to play at home you should save this table below.

The first column is the election-night schedule, so you can see what each region will report their vote (note the time is local time – eastern Australia is 9 hours ahead). The second column gives a sense of how significant each region is, and the third column shows how likely each council is to vote yes.

Specifically, according to Credit Suisse:

As investors may be unfamiliar with the relative population size and political bias of East Dunbartonshire, for example, we provide estimates of relative electorate size and likely tendency towards a “Yes” vote, derived from support for the Scottish National Party in the 2012 local elections. We have excluded and show a range from 0 (the lowest local vote for SNP in 2012, excluding Orkney and Shetland where the vote was negligible) to 10 (highest local vote share for SNP).

So as numbers roll in on Thursday (or Friday morning, depending on where you are), you can use this table to see whether “yes” is performing strong in the places that matter.

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