Republican Darling Scott Walker Slammed Mitt Romney's Campaign On MSNBC This Morning

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker didn’t hold back criticism of his party’s presidential candidate today, knocking Mitt Romney’s campaign for assuming the 2012 election “can just be a referendum on the President.”

“I think there’s a lot of caution. I think the mistake that they’ve made is the feeling like it can just be a referendum on the president,” Walker said during an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Wednesday. “There’s got to be something more than that — people don’t just vote somebody out, they want to vote somebody in.” 

A rising star in the Republican Party, Walker has been floated as a potential VP choice for Romney in the wake of last month’s Wisconsin recall election. But when asked this morning how the Romney campaign responds to his critiques, Walker smiled. 

“I hear from someone, either directly or indirectly,” he said. “What I point out to them is that I’m not attacking him — I think he’s got the capacity to do it…I think they need to get him in a bus, get him around in swing states, and not let him out until November 6.”

“In fact, I’d get rid of the podium,” he added. “I’d give him a mic, get him right in the crowd, defy all the stereotypes that’s built about him in the media. I think in many ways they’ve pulled him back and are just making it a referendum on Obama, and I don’t think that’s enough.” 

Watch the clip below: 

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