No Matter How Much Greta Van Susteren Pushed, Scott Walker Denied Any Wrong Doing During Koch Prank Call

Scott Walker

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is doing an amazing job of denying anything distasteful he said during the prank call he got from the Buffalo Beast reporter pretending to be billionaire donor David Koch.

On Greta Van Susteren’s show last night, he made it clear that he is not ashamed of anything.

He said he had never met the Koch brothers before, though he knew they were donors. He only spoke to Koch because he was an “employer in the state.”

“Anyone who’s looked at the transcript knows I said the same things on the call that I say everyday,” Walker said.

Well, except for some things.

Greta Van Susteren made sure to bring every one of those things up, but Walker held strong.

Walker even defended his saying “we thought about that” to Murphy-as-Koch’s suggestion of “planting some troublemakers” in the crowds of protesters. Walker made this seem like a legitimate suggestion, that he was right to give some thought to.

Said Walker: “I even had lawmakers and others suggesting rattling things up.”

Walker also managed to deflect his arguable agreement with Murphy-as-Koch that MSNBC anchor Mika Brezinski is a “piece of arse.”

Walker explained: “[I said] ‘Oh yeah,’ as in, ‘what is [Koch] talking about’? He’s talking about MSNBC. I said I’ll go on any network out there…”

To Van Susteren’s credit, she pushes him pretty hard on everything seemingly inappropriate he said in the prank phone call. To Walker’s credit, he does an even better job of acting completely unashamed. For the people of Wisconsin, it’s hard to say whether Walker’s complete lack of shame is something to be comforted by or not.

Video below.

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