Scott Walker Gave $81K Job To Lobbyist’s Dropout Kid

walker's lobbyist son

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Fresh off of his protracted battle with Wisconsin’s public-worker unions and state Democrats, Republican Gov. Scott Walker is under fire again this week.The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel revealed Monday that Walker promoted the son of a major campaign donor to a cushy job in Wisconsin’s Department of Commerce. Brian Deschane, a 27-year old college dropout, now earns $81,500 a year overseeing environmental regulation, despite an apparent lack of experience (and a few DUI convictions).

Deschane’s father is a longtime lobbyist for the Wisconsin Builder’s Association, which donated $29,000 to Walker’s gubernatorial campaign, and funneled in $92,000 to Walker’s war chest over the past two years.

The embattled governor responded to the report today by demoting Deschane back to his original job in the state Department of Regulation and Licensing, the AP reports. That position pays about $65,000 a year.


h/t Think Progress