Scott Walker brushing up on foreign policy with European tour

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) is heading to Europe this weekend to build up his foreign policy prowess.

The trip, his second visit to Europe in 2015, was scheduled earlier this year but comes just days after President Barack Obama advised the presumed 2016 presidential contender to “bone up on foreign policy,” in an NPR interview.

The president’s comment was in response to Walker’s criticism of the Obama administration’s negotiations with Iran on a nuclear deal.

Though Walker has not formally announced his presidential intentions, he has said he would revoke a nuclear agreement with Iran should he become president someday.

Obama said Walker’s strategy, “would be a foolish approach to take.”

Walker departs Wisconsin on Friday for his weeklong trade mission. During the trip, he will visit Germany, France, and Spain. His 22 person entourage on the tour will include business leaders and economic development officials.

This trip comes nearly two months after Walker visited London on a trade mission, where the governor was reticent on the subject of foreign policy.

“For me to lay out foreign policy or start answering, I think, would go contrary to the reason I’m here…I just don’t think you talk about foreign policy when you’re on foreign soil,” he said in London during a talk at Chatham House, a UK think tank.

His three country trip this April is seen as just part of the presumed grooming process to expand his global outlook in the lead up to a likely White House bid.

GOP insiders told Bloomberg that Walker was in Washington on Tuesday to meet with the Saudi Ambassador to the US, Adel Al-Jubeir, and Yusef al-Otaiba, Ambassador from the UAE to the US.

The governor’s office would not comment on the report of the Washington meetings since they did not “pertain to official state business.”

A representative for Walker’s Our American Revival PAC, and the Saudi, and UAE Embassies did not respond to a request for comment on the meetings.

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