Disgraced Ex-Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson Just Lost Another High-Profile Job

scott thompson yahoo

Photo: Yodel Anecdotal

Poor Scott Thompson.Network equipment maker F5 just announced that Thompson is off its board, effective immediately, according to a filing with the SEC. No explanation was given.

F5 is a public company and it paid Thompson $271,069 last year between cash and stock (and $260,516 in 2010). Thompson has been a director with F5 since 2008.

That wasn’t Thompson’s only advisory gig. Zuora’s web site still proudly proclaims him as a board member.  Zuora is a cloud startup that does billing for other cloud companies and has been kicking butt lately. We’ve asked Zuora to confirm that Thompson is still on its board, and haven’t heard back yet.

UPDATE: Thompson is also still listed as a board member for Splunk, a big data company that went public last month.

Thompson left his job as CEO of Yahoo earlier this month amidst a scandal over a degree about his academic credentials. He had been in the job for four months. We also learned that he’s been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

That four-month stint netted Thompson $7 million, between a signing bonus and stock awards, we reported earlier. So losing his director job at F5 won’t sting his pocketbook TOO much.

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