Activists troll Scott Pruitt with posters across Washington amid brutal week of burgeoning scandals

  • Protesters covered Washington, DC, with fake listings for a “luxury condo” to mock one of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s most recent scandals.
  • The posters also left a phone number for the EPA’s communications office.

WASHINGTON – Environmental activists plastered the nation’s capital on Friday with hundreds of posters offering a cheap luxury condo, mocking embattled Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt.

Posters depicting a listing to “live luxuriously for cheap – just like Scott!” were placed all over Washington overnight. The posters also included small ticket stubs to inquire about the “luxury condo,” with a phone number leading to the EPA’s communications office.

Scott Pruitt posters covered Washington, D.C. on Friday, April 6, 2018.Joe PerticonePosters of Scott Pruitt blanketed Washington on Friday, April 6, 2018.

The activist group Friends of Earth claimed credit for the stunt, according to The Hill, a Washington-based news website.

“Americans are fed up with Scott Pruitt. He’s wasting their tax dollars on his luxurious lifestyle, giving handouts to corporate polluters and poisoning our air and water,” said Lukas Ross, who represents Friends of Earth.

“Activists around the country are increasing pressure to seek the removal of Scott Pruitt. And as Trump refuses to act, Congress must,” Ross added. “We will not back off until Congress steps up.”

The posters are in reference to one of several scandals plaguing Pruitt – that he improperly rented a luxury condo on Capitol Hill for just $US50 per night.

Pruitt defended the rental in an interview with Fox News on Wednesday, saying it was “like an Airbnb situation.”

“When I was not there, the landlord, they had access to the entirety of the facility,” Pruitt said. “When I was there, I only had access to a room.”

On Thursday, President Donald Trump said he thinks Pruitt has “done a fantastic job” amid questions surrounding his future in the administration.

“I think he’s done an incredible job. He’s been very courageous. It hasn’t been easy, but I think he’s done a fantastic job,” Trump said.When asked by reporters aboard Air Force One what he thought of the scandals swirling around the EPA chief, Trump said, “I have to look at them,” adding, “I’ll make that determination. But he’s a good man, he’s done a terrific job. But I’ll take a look at it.”

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