Republicans Are On The Wrong Side Of Occupy Wall Street

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Hey Herman Cain, was Scott Olsen anti American?You said the Occupy Wall Street crowd was anti American! And some of the Republicans said the same thing in varying degrees.

Now you guys find yourselves on the wrong side of history and the first victim of Occupy Wall Street was a two term military veteran. Have you Republican candidates no shame?

Of course you have no shame. Seared consciences never have shame.

Here are some of the other candidate’s comments about Occupy Wall Street with some editorial comments along the way:

1. Mitt Romney: “I think it is is dangerous. It is class warfare.”

Well, certainly Romney was right about the danger with a bunch of really stupid cops pulling the old Kent State routine, and now a soldier lies close to death.

Yeah, Romney, class warfare from the top down IS dangerous. Perhaps you haven’t learned that lesson from Warren Buffett’s truthful comments.

2. Donald Trump made the most stupid statement about Occupy Wall Street:

“It was not a pleasant sight to see it. This is not like protests that you’ve been witnessing across the year in other countries,” Mr. Trump said noting that many Occupy Wall Street protesters are “very well-dressed.”

and a real untimely statement:

“At some point, something’s going to have to be done to break it up, because you’re pitching tents in the city, you’re pitching tents in the street,”

Donald has a good golf game, but he needs to stay out on the course.

3. Michelle Bachman said that since the protestors in the Tea Party believed in civil disobedience, like some of the protestors, the only difference was that the Occupy Wall Street crowd didn’t pick up their trash. And as a good banker soldier she said government should be boycotted instead of the banks. She gets big bucks from the Club for Growth, pro bank, much of the time.

4. Newt Gingrich demagogue that he is, said there was a frightening level of anti Semitism at the Occupy Wall Street rallies even though the anti Defamation league said these were isolated individuals and not representative of the movement as a whole, nor were they gaining traction. I have also maintained that you cannot argue against the banker class through race, as it defeats the higher moral ground you are taking.

Gingrich also said, when asked about Occupy Wall Street, that Barney Frank should go to jail even though Barney Frank wants to stop the next predatory housing bubble, and wrote his opposition to another bubble.Gingrich still thinks that the CRA was the bubble when a mountain of evidence shows that the real bubble took off when private MBS sent as AAA bonds to investors fuelled the bulk of the bubble. Occupy Wall Street has to put up with this CRA lie, which was the only theory blasted toward main street by the bought-and-paid-for media.

Gingrich is like a very bad dream.

5. John Huntsman courted the Occupy Wall Street vote, but he is barely on the Republican radar. He is a smart guy but not a viable candidate.

6. Ron Paul supported the right of civil disobedience, which was a refreshing view, but his plan for America will certainly not help the Occupy Wall Street crowd. He is an IMF style austerity guy. Play the Greece card here and you will have more than civil disobedience, Dr Paul.

7. Rick Perry was accused by Neil Cavuto of sounding like Occupy Wall Street with regard to bank bailouts. However, two things. First, Perry was silent and did not own up to his affinity with Occupy Wall Street. And Occupy Wall Street probably is not opposed to stopping bank runs, just opposed to banks refusing to pay back more than TARP.

We know TARP was just part of the damage of the credit crisis. The banks can never pay back the trillions they cost both the government and property owners in the United States. So, Perry has no strength of conviction from what little he has said. Not surprising.

So, the Republicans need to eat some humble pie here. A handsome young guy’s life is ruined by cops who probably should be checked for spousal abuse to see if they can even be authorised to carry weapons. That has been a problem in California.

This was a tragic and unnecessary event. Now when black people in Oakland cry about police abuse perhaps someone should listen.

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