Everything you need to know about Scott Morrison, Australia's new prime minister

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Scott Morrison has just been named the 30th Prime Minister of Australia.

Morrison has had a long political career spanning 10 years in parliament, but his interest in politics started way before that.

He’s had a broad range of policy experience across immigration, border protection, and social services. This week he has been acting Home Affairs minister and killed Huawei’s bid to build Australia’s 5G network.

His strengths in terms of political appeal include that he’s Sydney born and bred, where there are a high number of marginal seats.

He has a strong record as immigration minister and has grown as Treasurer, showing a strong grasp of the different moving parts of the economy, and presiding over a record run of job creation.

However, he can be abrupt to point of coming across as rude — and was known for his stonewalling of journalists as immigration minister.

Morrison lives in the Sutherland Shire in Sydney’s south with his wife Jenny and their two young daughters, Lily and Abbey.

Here’s everything you need to know about the former Treasurer, and new prime minister of Australia.

He grew up in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney in Bronte.

Getty ImagesBronte beach

Source: The New Daily

His father was a policeman and his mother worked in administrative positions. They ran youth programs for the local church. His father also worked as a local-government councillor for 16 years.

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Source: The New Daily

Scott’s first political act was at the age of nine, handing out how-to-vote cards for his father.

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Source: The New Daily

He was an active member of the Uniting Church in Bondi Junction, where his father says he became ‘a dedicated Christian’.

Google MapsThe old Uniting church in Bondi Junction

Source: The Monthly

He appeared in several commercials as a child.

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Source: Sydney Morning Herald

He attended public schools, including Sydney Boys High where he completed his HSC.

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Source: scottmorrison.com.au

He met his wife Jenny Warren at their church when they were both 16 years old, and married 5 years later. They have two daughters, Lily and Abbey.

Scott Morrison/ FacebookScott Morrison with his family.

Source: Daily Telegraph

He went onto the University of NSW, where he received an honours degree in Applied Science, studying economics and geography.

Getty ImagesUNSW

Source: scottmorrison.com.au

He was a CEO and senior executive in various industry bodies and government agencies, both within Australia and overseas. His previous positions include Managing Director of Tourism Australia.

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Source: scottmorrison.com.au

He entered federal parliament in 2007, the year Kevin Rudd became Prime Minister.

Mark Nolan/Getty ImagesJulia Gillard (L) and leader Kevin Rudd (R)

Source: The New Daily

He was elevated to the shadow ministry as the spokesman for housing and local government in 2008, but it was the immigration portfolio handed to him by Tony Abbott in 2009 that saw his real rise to prominence.

Graham Denholm/Getty ImagesScott Morrison (R) and Tony Abbott (L)

Source: The Monthly

Morrison publicly questioned the Gillard Labor government for paying for relatives of the 48 victims of the Christmas Island asylum seeker boat disaster to travel to funerals in Sydney. He was widely criticised for this. Morrison admitted later that his comments were insensitive and inappropriate.

Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Source: CNN, Sydney Morning Herald

In 2013, Morrison oversaw the rollout of Operation Sovereign Borders. It was the newly elected Coalition government’s hardline and controversial strategy aimed at stopping unauthorised boats departing for Australia.

Putu Sayoga/Getty ImagesAsylum seekers from Indonesia

Source: SBS

Morrison’s dealings with the media and accountability to the public were again widely criticised, and in 2014, the Australian Human Rights Commission delivered a report to the government which found that Morrison failed in his responsibility to act in the best interests of children in detention during his time as minister.

Cole Bennetts /Getty Images

Source: Australian Human Rights Commission

In the same year, Morrison managed to pass a bill through parliament that gave him more power than any previous immigration minister. He could return asylum seekers to their place of origin, detain asylum seekers without charge, and refuse any asylum seekers who arrive by boat.

Stefan Postles/Getty Images

Source: The Guardian

In a cabinet reshuffle later in 2014, he was appointed minister for social services.

Stefan Postles/Getty Images

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

When Malcolm Turnbull replaced Tony Abbott as prime minister in 2015, Morrison was appointed Treasurer. In the past two years the budget bottom line has shown a rapid improvement, largely thanks to strong company profits and commodity prices, but also because of continued cost discipline.

Getty ImagesMalcolm Turnbull (R) and Scott Morrison (L)

Source: The Treasury, The Guardian

Morrison has been one of the chief government salespeople for the deeply unpopular proposed reductions in the company tax rate for large companies — a plan which was finally ditched this week by Turnbull.

Stefan Postles/ Getty Images

Source: Business Insider Australia

Today, Morrison announced he would stand for leadership of the Liberal party. He will battle it out with Peter Dutton for the top spot.

Stefan Postles/ Getty Images

Source: Business Insider Australia.

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