Morrison confirms more children have been removed from Nauru, as many as 50 still remain

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images=Scott Morrison

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison says more children have been transferred from the offshore processing centre on Nauru after 11 were removed on Monday.

While 52 children still remain, Morrison told the Today show that, “we have had more come off. I know that figure is already starting to fall.”

Morrison didn’t give a time frame on when the remaining children would be moved, but confirmed that 17 children had left the facility in the past couple of weeks.

Immigration Minister David Coleman’s spokeswoman confirmed to The Australian that there were fewer than 52 children on the island but the updated number was “still around the 50 mark”.

Morrison defended his stance on immigration, saying: “We’re the government that actually stopped the boats coming, stopped putting children on to Nauru.”

“I mean, you don’t get children off Nauru by putting more on. If you get one boat turn up with children, it is both Labor Party and government policy that those children would go to Nauru,” he said.

The Coalition is coming under increased pressure to remove the children after it was revealed that Nauru was a major pain point for voters in the Wentworth by-election.

The Australian has more.

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