Scott Morrison is forcing foreign owners to sell another 15 Australian properties

William West/AFP/Getty Images

The federal government is forcing the sale of another 15 residential properties held by foreign nationals in breach of investment rules.

The latest properties, two in Queensland and the rest in Victoria, bring the total number of forced sales to 61, with a combined value of $107 million.

The foreign owners come from China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, the UK and Germany.

The foreign nationals in the latest group of forced disposals bought their properties without Foreign Investment Review Board approval and in some cases held multiple properties in breach of the rules, treasurer Scott Morrison said.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) identified the breaches through data matching programs as well as using information provided by the public.

So far more than 570 foreign nationals who have breached the rules have been detected by the ATO.

The ATO has issued 388 penalty notices, totalling more than $2 million.

More than $140 million has been collected since introducing Foreign Investment Review Board application fees in December 2015.

Details on the latest forced sale properties:

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