Scott Morrison is going to meet rapper Fatman Scoop after a row about sexism in hip-hop lyrics

Screengrab / TwitterScott Morrison getting Coalition MPs to raise their hands.

A bizarre 24 hours — even by Australia’s political standards — that saw a a multi-track debate on sexism in hip hop lyrics and the legal regulations for video footage from the nation’s parliament has ended with the Prime Minister accepting an invitation to go backstage at a rap concert to talk politics with Fatman Scoop.

They are scheduled to meet when the veteran rapper performs at a show in Sydney in November, RNB Fridays Live, a nationwide hip-hop tour with a star-studded line-up headlined by Usher.

In an Instagram post yesterday, Scoop said he was “humbled” that Scott Morrison had chosen an excerpt from his vintage club anthem “Be Faithful” as the music for a meme featuring edited footage from Parliament on Thursday with Coalition MPs raising their hands in the air.

The short video was posted to Morrison’s Twitter account on Thursday but deleted hours later after a firestorm of criticism erupted because the whole song is about casual sex and contains a range of vulgarities.

In his post, Scoop explained he was on a plane while the controversy erupted but was delighted to learn his song was “rocking in the highest offices of the Australian Government”.

He argued the song was not intended to offend. “People! Its a fun PARTY SONG that has no NEGATIVITY or HARM in it!!”

Here’s the full post, including the video that Morrison deleted.

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All My Aussies! Watch And Respond!!! AND READ UNTIL THE END BEFORE COMMENTING I am humbled to have my voice rocking in the highest offices of the Australian Government! with @scottmorrisonmp I was on a flight to London while all of this was happening and I am on the ground now! Just seeing all of it! As an American, I have to be APOLITICAL because I don't know the politics, but I can say this: Its a humbling experience to be recognized by a high official (either Scott or his people thought of me) I just don't know why they took it down! my man @bboyjimo said because there was CURSING in the song and he has to be Politically Correct! People! Its a fun PARTY SONG that has no NEGATIVITY or HARM in it!! This used to be the same way(politically correct) that presidents were in the USA but as u can see the bar for a US President being politically correct is VERY LOW! I also thought it was an attempt to reach out to a younger audience. As well as the fact that when my song was really ROCKING Scott was probably in the CLUBS! Hahahahaha! I am inviting @scottmorrisonmp to come to R&B Fridays @rnbfridayslive as my guest in November to watch, dance, and after in the backstage area discuss politics with me. I don't have to agree with your policies but we can have spirited DEBATE about them and you can attempt to walk me through why you think like that. So someone tag @scottmorrisonmp up and tell him I'm waiting for him to accept my invite! @rnbfridayslive @mushroomgroup @illusivepresents @abcnews_au @9news @skynews @theprojecttv @acurrentaffair9 @sbs_australia @sunriseon7 @foxfm @guardianaustralia #3aw #foxfm #triplem #7news #9news #abcnews_au au #acurrentaffair9

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Morrison responded late on Friday night.

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