A young protester tried to egg Prime Minister Scott Morrison at a campaign event

A young protester was quickly tackled by security after attempting to throw an egg at Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Morrison, who was attending a campaign event in the New South Wales town of Albury on Tuesday, was talking to a group from the Country Women’s Association when the woman protester ambushed him from behind.

Video shows a young woman walking up behind Morrison with an egg in hand before aiming it at his head. The egg doesn’t appear to crack as it bounces off the prime minister’s head. The young woman was quickly tackled by security and escorted from the scene.

Watch video of the incident below:

An older woman was knocked off her feet in the scuffle. Following the incident, Morrison said in a tweet that he helped the woman onto her feet.

“My concern about today’s incident in Albury was for the older lady who was knocked off her feet,” Morrison said.

He also offered strong rebuke of “cowardly activists” who act without respect.

“We will stand up to thuggery whether it’s these cowardly activists who have no respect for anyone, or militant unionists standing over small businesses and their employees on work sites,” he said in a follow up tweet.

According to the ABC, police confirmed that a 25-year-old woman is in custody.

Morrison is not the first politician to be targeted by protesters wielding eggs in recent months. In March, One Nation Senator Fraser Anning — who prompted backlash after he blamed the New Zealand terror attacks on Muslim immigration — was egged by a teenage protester during a press conference in Melbourne. Both Anning and 17-year-old Will Connolly avoided criminal charges over the incident, with Connolly receiving an official caution.

“Egging” has become an increasingly popular form of dissent against political figures around the world. Several UK politicians, including David Cameron, Nigel Farage and George Galloway have been pelted with eggs by angry protesters at some point during their careers.

Cultural icons, too, have been targets of egging attacks — actor and US Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, singing competition judge Simon Cowell, and magician David Blaine have been attacked by the nefarious culinary item.

While eggs appear to be the preferred tool of choice for protesters, other objects like shoes, pies, sandwiches, and even a dildo have been thrown at political and cultural leaders.

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