Scott Disick Is The Most Hated Man In America After Killing An Alligator On TV

Scott Disick Hunting Alligator E!
Scott Disick goes on an alligator hunting expedition in the latest episode of ‘Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.’

In the most recent episode of “Kourtney and Kim Take Miami,” Scott Disick goes on an alligator hunting trip in which he shoots one in the head, skins and guts it 

— all while cameras rolled.Before going on his reptile-killing expedition, Disick tries to persuade friends to join him by explaining, “I need to get new ridiculous alligator shoes made.”

And he didn’t stop there.

“I’m actually doing it. I’m going to skin it and then get my own shoes made,” Disick continued. “We’ll give them a little wine, treat them well and then kill them.”

When Disick’s friends question his hunting trip, he coldly replies, “I don’t care, call PETA too, let them know my number and my email, too.”

Disick proceeded to go on the hunting trip at a Florida farm — ironically owned by “Bachelor” star Vienna Girardi’s family — and shoot an alligator in the face.

Scott Disick E! Alligator
Not only does Disick shoot an alligator in the face, he later skinned and gutted it — all on camera.

He later tried to justify the killing, telling the cameras, “Shooting the alligator behind the eyes is actually the most humane way to do it … If I didn’t do it, somebody else would.”

While it’s legal to hunt alligators in Florida, the International Reptile Rescue is seriously peeved about the E! episode.

“He didn’t kill that alligator, he murdered that alligator,” a rep from IRR told TMZ. “Fairness would be to cut both his thighs so he bleeds and then toss him in a gator pond with gators small enough to rip him apart slowly and painfully.”  

And the animal rights group isn’t the only one outraged by the incident. Celebrities are speaking out, too:





And as predicted, PETA also weighed in:


Watch the controversial clip below:

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