Senator Scott Brown on 60 Minutes: I Was Sexually Abused As A Child

Scott Brown

Photo: CBS News

Massachusetts senator Scott Brown will be profiled on 60 minutes this coming Sunday. During the interview, Brown describes to Lesley Stahl a very difficult childhood.Not only was he the victim of physical abuse “at the hands of his mother’s many husbands,” but also sexual abuse by a camp counselor when he was 10. Apparently the counselor threatened to kill him, and told him that nobody would ever believe him if he told, common behaviour of child abusers.

The interview will air the night before the release of his memoir, “Against All Odds: My Life of Hardship, Fast Breaks, and Second Chances,” published by Harper Collins. The book will detail the story of his abusive past and his ultimate success.

Most surprisingly, the nationally published book will be the first place his mother and his wife will read about his sexual abuse — an interesting insight into the psychology of Senator Brown. To write a revealing account of abuse without sharing the details with his wife is surprising and curious.

An excerpt of the interview is below:


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