Even Wales And Northern Ireland Want Scotland To Stay In The UK

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Wales and Northern Ireland don’t want Scotland to leave the UK.

The two nations, themselves fighting for secession, are worried that the departure of Scotland would lead to an English-dominated UK parliament, the Guardian reported.

Carwyn Jones, the first minister of Wales warned that wholesale changes would have to be made to the UK parliament if Scotland broke away from the union to prevent England from dominating a new United Kingdom. “You can’t just take Scotland out and expect the United Kingdom to continue as before,” Jones told the Guardian.

He went on to say that if Scotland did break away, the UK parliament should follow the example of the U.S. Senate to ensure equal representation for England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

In a reference to the Scots who traveled across the Irish Sea during the Ulster Plantation, Peter Robinson, the first minister of Northern Ireland, made an emotional plea for Scotland to remain in the UK. “We cherish the relationship that we have. Nowhere else in the UK would the bonds be more tightly drawn between any other part of the UK from NI’s [Northern Ireland’s] point of view than with Scotland,” he said.

While Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has not backed down on demands for a referendum and independence, he has offered to meet UK Prime Minister David Cameron to hold “constructive dialogue” to try and smooth things over, according to AFP.

Only recently, the UK government agreed to let the Scottish parliament hold a legally binding referendum.