Here’s The Question That Could Lead To Scotland Leaving The UK


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“Do you agree that Scotland should be an independent country?”This is the question Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond intends to ask voters in a referendum on Scottish independence in 2014, the BBC reports. 

But this isn’t the end of the power struggle between the UK and Scottish parliaments. Salmond still wants to include a clause about “devolution max” — which would grant the Scottish government incerased powers but not complete independence — in the referendum. Salmond said he also wanted to give 16 and 17-year-olds the right to vote.

To this end, he has released a public consultation paper, ‘Your Scotland Your Referendum’, which seeks views on what the ballot paper should say, spending limits, and how the referendum should be regulated.

UK ministers, resisting calls for ‘devo max’, have released their own consultation on the referendum.

Scots Tory leader Ruth Davidson said she was glad that Mr Salmond had set out his preference for a single question on independence, but pointed out that the First Minister “has left wriggle room for a second question in there,” according to the BBC.

There’s a reason for that. While Salmond personally may want independence, winning the referendum for it is not a given. He also obviously wants to stay in power, which is why he is focusing on what The Guardian calls “his preferred second-best solution”.