See What Happened When A Photographer Wrapped His Models' Faces In Scotch Tape

DNU Scotch Tape Series

Photo: Photography by Wes Naman

Any fourth-grader can tell you that facial features contort easily with scotch tape. But commercial photographer Wes Naman took it to a whole new level with his Scotch Tape series.First reported on by Wired, Naman’s series of monstrous faces stemmed from a silly encounter with his assistant as they were wrapping Christmas presents together. She stuck a piece of scotch tape to her nose, and Naman did the same to his lips. After seeing their faces in the mirror, the idea for the Scotch Tape project was born.

A year later, Naman began taking portraits of his friends’ faces made completely unrecognizable by the common household product.

Though the project was done solely as a way for Naman to be creative outside of his commercial day job, that doesn’t mean the series might not make its way into the advertising world. According to Wired:

Before Naman had even finished the Scotch Tape series he was already in talks with a local Albuquerque add agency that saw the photos and wanted to possibly pitch them for a corporate campaign. Some of the ideas tossed around include selling the series to an office supply store or maybe a plastic surgery office with a slogan that might go something like, “You can trust those guys or you can come here.”

Naman's inspiration for the series was seeing his assistant tape her nose.

He was able to distort his models' faces in the weirdest ways.

The tape was pulled tightly over their faces to leave indents and pull the features in odd directions.

They were encouraged to try to remove the tape using only their faces.

Naman liked to squeeze cheeks and beards between the strips of tape.

And most of the models looked pretty uncomfortable.

Sometimes really uncomfortable.

And they got super into character.

Naman's favourite method for transforming faces was by taping people's eyebrows to accentuate the eyes.

These eyes say it all.

This face looks more like a cartoon than an actual person.

Elmer Fudd, anyone?

Smoking looks dumb.

Here's a scotch-taped winky face.

Hello, Boy George!

Some of the exaggerated expressions are extraordinary.

And completely change the shape of the models' faces.

...Or make them look like they escaped from a Picasso painting.

Or from an insane asylum.

Tempted to try it yourself yet?

There's more photography after the jump.

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