Scooti, the Uber of scooters, has launched in Melbourne so now you can hail a two-wheeled ride

  • Scooter taxi service Scooti launched in Melbourne on Monday.
  • It allows people to hail a scooter via an app and travel around the city on two wheels.
  • The company claims that its service is cheaper, greener, and quicker than travelling by car.

A new scooter-hailing service called Scooti officially launched in Melbourne on Monday.

The company’s app connects scooter drivers with people that are looking for a ride in the same way that Uber’s app connects car drivers with passengers. It will operate daily from 5am to 10pm.

Scooti claims on its website that scooters are quicker, cheaper, and greener than standard taxis.

“Not only can our fleet of drivers navigate around traffic jams and pull up in tight spaces to let you off, they’re also making that inner-city commute more efficient and in turn, saving time and money,” Scooti CEO Brett Balsters said in a statement.

You won’t need to worry about bringing a helmet either, as the scooter driver is obliged to provide one for all passengers.

“All our drivers are specially trained, insured and certified under government legislation,” said Balsters. “We operate in and around the CBD where most roads are 40 km/hr zones, and helmets, hairnets and safety vests are provided to all our customers.”

While this may seem revolutionary to some Australians, scooter taxi services already exist in several other countries around the world and they’re becoming increasingly popular in congested cities. In Singapore, there’s Grab, in Indonesia, there Go Jek, and in Italy, there’s Scooterino.

Scooti plans to expand to Sydney and Brisbane if the launch goes well in Melbourne.

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