Justin Bieber's manager explains why he wasn't allowed to say his name in his early YouTube videos

Justin Bieber became the world’s biggest pop star because his manager, Scooter Braun, discovered him when he was crooning covers of other artists music on YouTube.

Braun, who now owns two huge record labels, explained at a keynote at the Consumer Electronics Conference in Las Vegas, one of his early secrets for managing Bieber.

“If you watch Justin’s early videos, I never let him say, ‘My name is Justin Bieber’ and then start singing — he always just sang,” Braun said.

“And the reason I did that was I wanted you to feel like you were in the room. Or maybe you were seeing something you weren’t supposed to see.”

Braun wanted Bieber’s videos to feel very intimate.

Today, YouTube stars still capitalise on that idea of intimacy, though in a slightly different way. Many use a very casual style, speaking to their viewers as if they’re friends, causing many teens to adore YouTubers more than they idolize Hollywood stars.

Braun also described what it was like watching Bieber’s popularity take off:

“We started to see ten thousand impressions. A hundred thousand impressions. Finally, we got our first million and I can tell you, it’s really great to see the company we have now but when we got our first million impressions on YouTube I was in my apartment, in Atlanta, in my underwear, dancing.”

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