The Church Of Scientology Says It Never Auditioned Girlfriends For Tom Cruise

The church denies any role in helping Tom Cruise obtain a girlfriend.

The Church of Scientology is still fighting back at Vanity Fair for last month’s cover story claiming that the organisation auditioned girlfriends for Tom Cruise. The 8-page letter refuted an article written by Maureen Orth claiming that Scientology controls every area of Tom Cruise’s life–even who he dates. Orth wrote that the church auditioned actresses who were potential girlfriends for Cruise and didn’t tell them why.

The church claims it’s “inconceivable” Cruise would have trouble getting a girlfriend in the letter, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Inside the letter, the church also compared anti-Scientologists to white supremacists: 

“Ms. Orth appears to have only gleaned her information from fringe hate sites and their webmasters,” it reads. “If she were writing a story about a Sikh religious leader, would she first latch onto the sites of white supremacists, then interview their most virulent and violent members and follow it up with mere ‘fact check’ questions to the Sikhs themselves? At the eleventh hour? And refuse to give the names of her white supremacist sources?

“The scenario is no different here. Scientology is a new religion and its beliefs not as well known as those of more ancient history. That does not excuse you or Ms. Orth for being ignorant. Rather, it demands you be even more sensitive to finding out what the true beliefs are of Scientology-which can only be told by the religion itself. Just because you don’t think you are bigoted doesn’t mean you aren’t. Bigotry and ignorance go hand in hand and you are definitely and wilfully ignorant of the actual beliefs of Scientology and the activities of its Churches.”

This isn’t the first time the church has written in objection to Orth’s article. Last month, they sent this letter  to Vanity Fair claiming multiple staff members worked for Scientology’s head David Miscavige for years.

So far, the church has threatened legal action against the National Enquirer and other outlets following the TomKat breakup.

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