A Cornell Scientist Found A Way To Stop People From Eating Too Many Pringles

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Photo: cornell.edu

A scientist at Cornell found a way to get people to stop eating Pringles: an edible red chip that marks it’s time to stop eating.Brian Wansink’s experiment was conducted on 98 college students, who were served Pringles. Half had a normal can while the others had red chips but weren’t told why.

The students with the red chips ate about 50 per cent less than the ones with the normal cans:

Unaware of why some of the chips were red, the students who were served those tubes of chips nonetheless consumed about 50 per cent less than their peers: 20 and 24 chips on average for the seven-chip and 14-chip segmented tubes, respectively, compared with 45 chips in the control group; 14 and 16 chips for the five-chip and 10-chip segmented tubes, compared with 35 chips in the control group

They were also better able to estimate how many chips they had eaten. Those in the control groups underestimated the amount of chips they had consumed by about 13 chips. Those in the “segmented” groups were able to guess within one chip.

The average number of calories saved was 250. 

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