Science says your genes might be determining which way you lean politically

President Barack Obama. Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Science has found indications that a specific gene could have a bearing on your political views and which direction you lean, left or right.

A study of 1700 students found that a specific gene partially contributes to individual differences in political ideology, particularly in women.

The study supports previous research which suggests there is a common genetic basis for differences in political ideology across cultures and ethnic groups

In the Proceedings of the Royal Society B journal, the researchers show that a variant of the dopamine D4 receptor partially contributes to individual differences in political ideology in the study of Han Chinese students in Singapore.

“The liberal–conservative ideological divide has become pervasive in American politics,” write the researchers at the National University of Singapore.

“Understanding the determinants of this enduring gulf is of keen interest not only to political scientists, psychologists but also to the media and the public at large.”

They say that biology cannot be ignored in the research into the origins of political leanings.


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