Science says Scarlett Johansson has the perfect body

Scarlet Johansson at the premiere of ‘Her’. Photo: Getty Images

The great artworks of the world, including the Great Pyramid of Giza and Leonardo’s “Mona Lisa”, were all designed using the mathematical ratio known as Phi — the “Golden Ratio” that is also found in nature.

Proportions using the “Golden Ratio” are thought to be more aesthetically pleasing.

In fact, scientific research shows the human eye interprets, and the brain processes, an image featuring the “Golden Ratio” faster than any other.

This ratio has been applied to people’s faces and Apple’s product designs.

And now British lingerie company, Bluebella, has rated celebrity female forms using the ratio and found the ultimate female figure — Scarlett Johansson.

According to their testing, Johansson scored 96.4 when it came to measuring bust to waist to thigh measurements.

“We were running a computer simulation on celebrity women and in doing so we inadvertently discovered that Scarlett Johansson’s figure is pretty much as close as you can get to the perfect Golden Ratio,” Bluebella founder Emily Bendell told the UK’s Sunday Telegraph.

“It was alarmingly close to the Golden Ratio.”

From the celebrities tested, Kim Kardashian, Helen Mirren, Kelly Brook, Cameron Diaz, Elle Macpherson and Salma Hayek, also all scored in the high percentile.

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