Science says Malcolm Turnbull's suit is on fleek

Looks like foreign minister Julie Bishop is taking a page out of the PM’s style book. Photo: Stefan Postles/ Getty Images.

There’s some solid science behind prime minister Malcolm Turnbull’s favourite suit and tie combination.

Keen observers will have noticed he has regularly opted for a blue suit – not navy – paired with an orange tie.

Yes, prime minister. We are talking about your suit again. Photo: Stefan Postles/ Getty Images.

Perhaps someone has given him a few tips since his fashion faux pas on the cover of GQ, which was dubbed as “fashion on cocaine”.

Either way, Turnbull has upped his game, and the reason why he’s looking so schimck all comes down to science.

Or, the colour wheel.

Developed by Sir Isaac Newton in 1666, the colour wheel is the basis for all colour theory.

It consists of 12 basic colours called “hues.”

Knowing which colours look good together relates to where they are situated on the wheel.

There are three colour schemes which have defined relationships on the wheel are most appealing to the human eye: complementary colours, triad colours, and analogous colours.

Complementary colours are directly opposite one another on the colour wheel, and it’s this precise combination Turnbull has applied to his attire.

Business Insider Australia.

So basically, science says Malcolm Turnbull’s suit is on fleek.

Corporate stylist Cindy Newstead, style director at Style With Cindy, agrees.

“Pairing the colour orange with the more traditional navy suit brings a positive and enthusiastic edge that exudes independence and competition,” she told Business Insider.

“Interesting as the tie has been used to convey a fun side to the leader’s usual conservative approach of wearing an array of blue tones or typical black or pin striped suit.”

Here’s a look at the PM wearing his favourite threads.

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