Schwarzenegger Just Balked And Vetoed Two Bills To Cap Pensions And Government Pay

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Last night in a legislative flurry, Schwarzenegger signed or vetoed over 750 bills.

Two vetoes he might have liked to slip under the rug made front page of the LA Times: a measure barring municipal employment contracts with automatic pay raises and legislation that would cap pensions.

These were popular issues following the Bell city manager pay scandal and the ongoing government budget crisis.

Schwarzenegger says he vetoed the bills because they were not thorough enough — but people are going to see this as a major sign of government weakness.

LA Times:

In vetoing the Bell-inspired bill restricting pay raises in employment contracts, Schwarzenegger wrote: “I share the public outrage expressed over the abuses attributed to the city of Bell’s management of employee contracts. Assembly Bill 827 presents good public policy in that it provides transparency with regards to some municipal personnel contracts, but it should be applied to all public employees, including labour union members and state employees.”

The bill to cap the amount of pay that can be used for calculating pensions was not real pension reform, the governor wrote in his veto message. “I am still hopeful that the Legislature will pass an acceptable bill that addresses the real cost issues that have driven up the liability in public pension systems. For these reasons, I am unable to sign this bill,” he wrote.

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