Here's The Real Reason Schwarzenegger Is Beating Up Republicans Over Stimulus Attacks

arnold schwarzenegger knife

Nobody rings a bell at the bottom, but Governor Schwarzenegger has come out to declare that it’s all upside for his state going forward.

In an interview with ABC’s “This Week” program he said “I believe that the worst is over… But it’s very clear that the comeback is not going to be as quick as we’ve seen in the past.”

At the same time he lambasted some fellow republicans for initially attacking U.S. stimulus spending, we highlighted yesterday.

Video Cafe: “Well, you know, to me I find it interesting that you have a lot of the Republicans running around and pushing back on the stimulus money and saying this doesn’t create any new jobs, and then they go out and they do the photo ops and they are posing with the big check and they say, ‘Isn’t this great?'” said Schwarzenegger.

Yet here’s the simple reason why Arnold has to be for stimulus. He’s well aware of who will backstop his state right now in the event of a crisis — the current administration, not small-government proponents.

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