Eric Schmidt: Google Did NOT Steal From Oracle

Google chairman Eric Schmidt had some choice words for Larry Ellison on Sunday.

In a post to his Google+ account, Schmidt wrote:

We typically try to avoid getting dragged into public battles with other companies. But I’ve gotten a lot of questions about Larry Ellison’s claims that Google “took [Oracle’s] stuff”. It’s simply untrue — and that’s not just my opinion, but the judgment of a U.S. District Court.

A couple of years ago, Oracle slapped Google with a $US1 billion lawsuit claiming Android infringed on its patents and violated copyright law. Last year, Oracle lost the lawsuit. But during an interview with Charlie Rose on CBS earlier this month, Ellison insisted that Google and CEO Larry Page were in the wrong.

He said:

“We don’t compete with Google. We don’t do anything Google does. We– we just think they took our stuff and– and that was– and that was wrong … This really bothers me. I don’t– I don’t see how he thinks you can just copy someone else’s stuff.

Schmidt was, apparently, not content to let that stand, especially when the courts backed Google.

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