The 'Red Coat Girl' From 'Schindler's List' Describes How The Film Traumatized Her

schindler's list red coat girl

Photo: YouTube

Polish actress Oliwia Dabrowska played the girl with the red coat in Steven Spielberg’s acclaimed film “Schindler’s List.”She was the only colour image in the black-and-white film that shows the horrors of the Holocaust. Dabrowska is shown once at the beginning of the film, and her red coat appears later among the bodies of Holocaust victims. 

Debrowska, now 24, watched the 1993 film when she was 11 and was “horrified,” she told U.K.’s The Guardian

“It was too horrible. I could not understand much, but I was sure that I didn’t want to watch ever again in my life.”

She also said she “really regretted” not paying attention to the director’s suggestion that she “grow up into the film,” and not watch it until she was older.

However, Dabrowska said that when she watched the film again at age 18 she was proud to be involved. 

She acts in her spare time and is pursuing a college degree in publishing. 

The Daily Mail has published an uncredited picture of what she looks like today. 

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