These Are The 13 Most Terrifying Ads Ever


It’s that time of year again! Time to take out your pumpkin carving supplies, overdose on candy, and watch as many horror flicks on Turner Classic Movies as you can handle.To help everyone get into the spirit of Halloween we put together this slideshow of the most terrifying ads ever, from around the world.

Not all of the ads were specifically created with Halloween in mind. Some of them are PSAs.

And, of course, they’re ads, so many of their chills are rounded off in a tame ending.

A couple of them, however — including our No.1 choice, the incredibly original trailer for the video game “Dead Island” — will totally creep you out.

It all starts with a solitary woman receiving an unsettling prank phone call. Reminiscent of campy 1970's horror films, the 2012 Agent Provocateur ad by Epoch London then follows the woman as she is attacked by a mob of lingerie clad models. (Warning: there are brief flashes of nudity in this ad.)

Initially the ad was challenged by offended viewers, but ultimately the U.K. Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), not known for its leniency, ruled that though borderline, the ad was still fit for public viewing.

SuperHeroes, Amsterdam, created this ad for LG Electronics to promote the new high-def flat screen televisions. The LG team covered the floor of an elevator with nine flat screens and then tricked unwitting elevator riders into thinking the floor of the car was falling apart beneath their feet.

Andrea Roth directed this devilish ad for Dirt Devil in 2011, in which a genuinely creepy priest is called to perform an exorcism and as he gazes upon the possessed woman he cleverly professes, 'you know when it's the devil.' The shot then pans up to the apartment above where an old woman is vacuuming.

Agency59 created this PSA for the Heart & Stroke Foundation featuring CPR trained zombies. Throughout this ghoulish spot, a mass of zombies resuscitate a heart attack stricken woman in order to, first, teach audiences CPR, and second, to eat the woman.

This chilling ad for The Meth Project by Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky, follows a young woman from her hazy meth induced state to the ugly realities of her meth addicted life. The gory and startling 30 second spot is one of a four part awareness campaign targeting at-risk teenagers. Digital marketing agency Organic worked with The Meth Project on the campaign.

Euro RSCG Helsinki created this unsettling PSA for the charity Fragile Childhood, a resource for children with alcoholic parents. The ad features the adults turned 'monsters' that children see when they look at their drunk parents.

It wouldn't be an Axe commercial if even a zombie couldn't get a hot girl. In this case, all the frightened girl needs to do is spray the zombie with Axe to turn her worst nightmare into her greatest desire.

Playing off classic slasher movie tropes, this spot stars a young woman who is attacked by a chainsaw murderer whom she successfully out runs because ... well, she is wearing Nike's.

The 60 second spot by Wieden & Kennedy, Portland ran during the 2000 Summer Olympics.

More zombies. This ad, for the final instalment of Activision's gaming saga was created by TBWAChiatDay, Los Angeles in 2011. The essential premise of the gory commercial is a graphic demonstration of zombie killing techniques. Gross.

In this 2010 ad for Frezza, an Indonesian mouthwash company, the viewer watches a pitiful prisoner on his way to execution in the gas chamber for the offence of bad breath --'bad breath kills.' The spot was created by by Ogilvy & Mather, Jakarta.

The concept is simple: two kids dress up like an old woman to trick their mother into buying a bunch of Halloween candy. What's weird is the disturbing costume these children were somehow able to create. BBDO New York designed the ad in 2010.

BBH created this infamous British ad in which a girl spirals down in a cycle of drug addiction and abuse. Tough to watch.

This ad isn't just scary, it's also incredibly original and was lauded by critics upon its release last year. The simple, unsettling conceit is that the ad tells the story of a zombie attack ... backwards.

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